Good Deale Gardener

Grow Your Own!


Our focus is on small home gardening.  We want to help people enjoy their yards and make it possible for folks to harvest fresh cut flowers, herbs, and vegetables right from their own little plot of earth!


Our goal is to provide clients with friendly, quality service.  We bring sustainable horticultural training and over 15 years of gardening experience.  Natalie has completed her Maryland Master Gardener classroom work and will be assisting with various Master Gardener projects throughout Anne Arundel County.


Good Deale Gardener uses sustainable gardening methods and knows that healthy soil is needed to grow healthy plants.  Natalie's garden practice includes soil testing and amendment through the use of compost and other organic materials.  Natalie especially enjoys building relationships with her clients and talking with them about the joys of native plants, composting, and other organic methods of pest control and fertilization.  Because of this, her client’s lawns and gardens are always bay and pet friendly and she takes great pride in the fact that her clients can enjoy their veggies straight from the garden!


Good Deale Gardener has all the necessary equipment to do each job correctly, using both old fashioned hand tools as well as professional grade machinery.  Yards are always left tidy and neat because we want our client’s gardens and lawns to look their best.  And should an accident occur, we stand behind our work and are fully insured.


Good Deale Gardener is approved by the West/Rhode Riverkeeper as a local “Growing Green” business and is a member of the Southern Anne Arundel Chamber of Commerce.  


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We added the newest member of the Good Deale Gardener family, Ellie Knight-Robert, on Nov 6th!