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In landscaping, sometimes what we don’t do is as important as what we do.


Good Deale Gardener does not:


• substitute harmful chemicals for hard work;

• plant invasive, non-native species;

• use chemicals that are harmful to the environment, animals or humans.


Good Deale Gardener does:


• employ Bay-friendly lawn and garden practices that improve and at the very least do not harm the Chesapeake;

• increase soil quality so plants are healthy instead of using inorganic fertilizers and pesticides;

• use plants appropriate for the location;

• use natural means to ­control harmful insects;

• cut lawns taller and two times to shade out the vast majority of weeds, allowing clippings to be left as a natural fertilizer;

• use soil testing before application of slow-release, organic fertilizers;

• apply fertilizers at the correct time of


Good Deale Gardener

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